Life at UBIO

So, you’re thinking about joining us? Thank you! You want to know more about what we can offer you as a Ubee?

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Whatever your role, you’re helping to build UBIOs automation platform which is helping our customers connect the disconnected web.

We’re a rapidly growing technology business with our teams distributed across Europe. We’re remote first and offer super-flexible working, personal autonomy and a place to grow and thrive. 

UBIO makes world-class software that allows companies like Google, TickX and trivago to be smarter than they would be without us. We’re well funded and have been around since 2013, servicing clients in travel, search, comparison, recruitment, ticketing and financial services. We’re at the point in our journey where we are now scaling what we do, developing our products and entering new markets.

Perks and Benefits

Work is about way more than just your salary and computer. And though we pay well and kit you out properly, we’ve also thought hard about our culture and what you need while you work for us.
We know you need to balance work with your real life, and we support you in doing that. We hire mature, responsible people like you, who we trust to work hard on terms that work for us both. And we offer a well considered package of benefits to make your life easier and happier.
We are constantly reviewing our perks to ensure we can give our team the best experience. 

Employee Share Options

When you work with us, we give you a stake in the company. This means you'll benefit from the success of the company and the result of your efforts working with us.
Available to: Everybody

New starter budget

We offer you the right setup to make you work well and comfortably. We'll buy you a powerful computer and will support you with a generous package to set your remote office up for work.
Available to: Everybody

Ongoing work from home budget

Every year we’ll provide the budget to keep your home workspace comfortable and optimal. We'll periodically update key equipment, like your computer, too.
Available to: Everybody

The most powerful computer

Depending on your role you’ll get the latest MacBook Pro or Air. Or if you think Linux or Windows is the thing, a powerful PC.
Available to: Everybody

Monthly home entertainment budget

It can be beer o'clock even though we're remote. Have a takeaway and drinks on us, up to £25 (or the equivalent where you are) once a month as a big thank you.
Available to: Everybody

Super-flexible working

As long as you get what you need to do done, we're happy to work around your schedule. We're not sold on presenteeism, and if you need to run an errand mid-afternoon, go run it. We also respect that you'll have needs for family or attending to your health. Be at meetings, keep your manager and colleagues informed, but design the day that works for you.
Available to: Everybody

Work from the moon *

We're remote first, and as such we don't mind where you work from. If you fancy some time in the sun we'll support you working from the beach (*or the moon if you can find transport). We ask that you consider time zones and don't take more than 180 days away from where you are tax resident, but you can work from wherever makes sense.
Available to: Everybody

Smooth Onboarding & ongoing support

We'll bring you on board with the full support of the UBIO team. From the initial Job offer right through your employment there will be team members working to make sure your time with us is fully supported.
Available to: Everybody

Physical wellbeing budget

Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said, 'Mens Sana in Corpore Sano'. We'll support you up to £25 a month (or the equivalent where you are) towards a gym or fitness membership to keep a healthy mind and body.
Available to: Everybody

Private Healthcare

We'll enrol you in our private healthcare scheme, which has comprehensive cover for everyday and more serious care. We also cover you for physio and talking therapies to maintain your mental health.
Available to: Full time employees in UK & RO

Training, development and conference budget

We expect all our people to want to maintain their personal growth and keep their skills sharp. We'll work out individual programmes for training or conference attendance with you as you continue on your journey with us.
Available to: Everybody

Study time allowance

If you're studying or taking time to learn, part of your growth programme will include the time to make the best of it and ensure you succeed.
Available to: Everybody

Book budget

If you need a specific title to learn or do your work better, we can help cover the costs to build your library.
Available to: Everybody

Help with your home bills

Your work computer will be sipping on your electricity and broadband bills. We offer a monthly allowance of £25 (or the equivalent where you are) to help cover the costs of internet and energy in your home office.
Available to: Everybody

Your birthday off

Happy birthday! As well as high-fives on Slack we'll give you a bonus day off (on top of your holiday allowance) to take on your birthday.
Available to: Everybody

Duvet day

For those couple of times a year when you just need the headspace to take-on the day. We value your mental health and know that sometimes you just need the space.
Available to: Everybody

Deep work time

Interruptions can be the thief of productivity. If you need some solid time to get things done, we'll support you to keep stretches of time meeting free.
Available to: Everybody

Charity work days

If you want to give back, we'll support you taking a couple of days a year working to benefit your community or a local charity.
Available to: Everybody

New Year break

We usually take the full days off between Christmas and New year (and we support the orthodox and non-orthodox holidays). This is in addition to your holiday allowance. There may be exceptions for on-call rotas in certain teams, but we want you to take the time off and get rested.
Available to: Everybody

Colleague referral bonus

If you recommend a great new member of the UBIO team we'll gift you £500 (or the local equivalent where you are) when they pass their probation.
Available to: Everybody

Workplace pension

We'll set you up with our standard pension scheme when you join, which you can opt-out of if you wish. We'll provide a monthly contribution into your pension fund on top of your own contribution.
Available to: Full time employees in UK & RO

Team events and away days

We'll organise team and company get togethers from time to time so you can spend time with colleagues in real life, and get to blow off a little steam.
Available to: Everybody

Team care

You’ll have a manager who’s here to guide you through your work with us and be there for you. And beyond them, the whole executive and management team is available to you if you need help or have a question. Please just reach out to any of us.

Mel is our dedicated HR lead. Contact her about anything, whenever you like.

Once again, if you’re new, welcome to UBIO!

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Would you like to work with us? We’re always interested in hearing from developers and potential automators, even if there’s nothing listed here.

No agencies though please.

Send a brief covering note with your CV, LinkedIn profile, and if you’re a developer your Github profile, to

Diversity at UBIO

UBIO is inclusive, and we believe diversity drives creative innovation. Our products connect and make sense of information on the web, whatever its source. Similarly, we’re striving to build a culture that reflects all corners of the community. We’ve embraced a commitment to diversity and inclusion where everyone feels empowered to involve themselves regardless of their gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation or background.

Current vacancies

Though there are no specific vacancies at the moment, we're always interested in hearing from talented people. (Though not from agencies please).

Feel free to drop us your CV and a note about yourself.
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